Lir Architects

Lir Architects is an architectural firm that combines progress and experience.
The firm has knowledge and experience in the fields of architecture and design and technology-based design, combined with twenty years of experience in Israel.
The firm specializes in urban planning, architectural design for buildings of diverse uses: industries, high-tech, public institutions, hotels, residences, preservation of historic buildings, environmental design, and interior design for selected clients. The firm performs high quality planning, from presentation to high quality building details.
The firm’s work includes building programs, economic analysis of planning alternatives, execution schedules and special management services.
In March 2005 “Lir Architects Ltd.” with local partners, opened an architectural firm in Sofia, Bulgaria and later in 2007 in Milan, Italy.
Lir Architects Ltd. employs the best and most experienced teams of architects in the field, and technical and economic teams.
The firm currently works on a wide range of projects in the field of architecture and urban planing. All projects are designed using the most advanced software, which includes the use of simulations, quadcopters and models of various types. Some of the projects are built conservatively, but many of the projects are based on state-of-the-art industrial construction methods and groundbreaking building details, depending on the customer’s preference.

Dana Lir Elani

Dana Lir Elani is a fellow architect at the firm , graduate of Tel Aviv University and a licensed architect. Expert in the planning laws, obtaining permits, financial planning, technical drawings and details and project management, programs, competing in important architectural competitions and interior design and furniture.

תמונה ליפו ראש

Yitzhak Lipovetsky Lir

Yitzhak Lipovetsky Lir, owner of the firm, is a graduate of the Technion of Milan in Italy with a degree in architecture, a master's degree in architecture and urban planning, and an expert in the preservation of buildings and sites, with unique experience of working in Eastern and Western Europe, in addition to his work in Israel.

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